Pastoral Council

St. Mary’s of the Assumption Pastoral Council consists of men and women who, through personal and spiritual discernment, work as individuals and as a group to promote unity and spiritual growth in St. Mary’s community of faith.  Theirs is a leadership role as they strive to maintain the integrity of the parish vision and the achievement of established goals.  Members of the Council meet regularly together and with members of the parish who are interested in maintaining the spiritual and temporal health of St. Mary’s.

2015 Pastoral Council


Patricia Coyle Jack Deangelis Katelyn Deet

 Tricia Coyle

 Jack DeAngelis

 Katelyn Deet

Sue Ferguson Dona Hotopp

 Sue Ferguson

Dona Hotopp

Rosemary Cather Kelly

Father John Marcucci
Richard Nash Ann Sawa

Father John Marcucci

Richard Nash

    Ann Sawa

Debbie Schwoegl

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