Catholics Coming Home

Welcome to the Catholics Coming Home(CCH) Ministry of St. Mary’s Parish Family. Whether you are very active in the Parish or less active, there is a lot of information in the three website links shown here that will be of interest.

We in the CCH ministry are particularly focused on welcoming less active Catholics who may be considering becoming more active. There are many reasons why Catholics become less active including time constraints, sincere disagreements, family issues, divorce and others.

Please take a few minutes to browse the Catholics Come Home web site (first site below). We think you will find the Church and St. Mary’s to be more welcoming than in the past.

We have a group of parishioners who would be glad to help. Just fill out the form below (or click here to email separately) and tell us how we can help. A member of our ministry will contact you in whatever way you’d like (phone, e-mail, etc.) within a few days.

May God’s Peace be with you.
Some sites you may want to visit:

Catholics Come Home

Paulist Evangelization Ministries

Notice To All Volunteers In This Ministry

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