Guidelines for Extraordinary Ministers of Communion for Homebound

Sister Lois is notified when a St. Mary’s parishioner requests receiving Communion in their home, due to health issues.  Sister Lois then contacts Alexis Raible and she will  assign a team to visit the parishioner.  The team will be informed of the location of the parishioner and the circumstances.  The minister will receive an  “Administration of Communion to the Sick by an Extraordinary Minister”   card for conducting a Communion Service in the home.    If the parishioner lives alone, an emergency phone number is requested. 

  • The Minister of Holy Communion is to call the parishioner the day before their visit.
  • Inform the parishioner of the Mass that you plan on attending and verify that the time is okay with them.
  • Before Mass, place your pyx on the shelf in front of the Tabernacle, inform the captain and the presiding priest that you will be taking Communion to one of our homebound parishioners. If you are serving as #1, 2 or 3 at that particular Mass, ask another minister to take your place for cleansing the sacred vessels.
  • Approach the Tabernacle when the ministers are consolidating the Hosts.  Normally, the minister puts one Host in the pyx, unless you request otherwise.
  • Take your pyx and stand beside the Ambo (The reader’s stand) until the presider is finished purifying the sacred vessels.  As the priest starts walking toward the center of the altar, you will walk over to meet him.  He will then dismiss you.
  • One of our goals is to make our homebound parishioners feel that they are part of our parish family.  To keep them informed, don’t forget to give them a copy of our bulletin and The Pittsburgh Catholic.
  • Once in the home, ask that they turn off the radio or TV.  The length of your Communion Service depends on the condition of your homebound person.  You will have to use your own judgment.
  • After the service is complete, you can visit.