Guidelines for Extraordinary Ministers of Communion for Funerals

Four Ministers of Holy Communion are needed to serve a Funeral Mass.  Two will distribute the “Eucharist” and two will distribute the “Blood of Christ”. One of the four will take on the responsibilities of captain.


Check the tabernacle for the number of ciboria that it contains before mass.  Funerals generally require two ciboria for the congregation and one additional for the choir.

  • Assign each minister to their positions – see the notes* below.
  • Bring the ciboria to the altar from the tabernacle at the “Lamb of God”.
  • Purify, wash and place the sacred vessel in the safe after mass.

Funeral masses normally require about 150 hosts but, if the funeral is large, more may be needed.   

*One minister or the priest will distribute the “Body of Christ” on the right side of the casket and another will do the same on the left side.  Two chalices are needed, one for position number three and the other for position number six. The “Precious Blood” is not distributed to the choir at funeral masses.   


Family members can serve as ministers at funeral masses.    The four ministers that are required can be any combination of commissioned ministers and family members however the family member(s) may require help from Eucharistic Ministers to know where to stand. 

Jeannie McCormick, the funeral coordinator for Eucharistic Ministers, will leave a note on the center island in the sacristy if a family member wants to serve as a Eucharistic Minister.