Flea Mkt

fmSt. Mary’s Annual GREAT Flea Market!

2018 Good News!

  • We made just over $25,000 for the parish.
  • Unsold items were donated to the following organizations:
    • St. Vincent de Paul Society
    • Blessed Trinity Academy – toys for preschool
    • St. Mary’s Faith Formation Program – tote bags
    • St. Aloysius on Mt. Troy Road – flea market
    • Parkwood Presbyterian Church – flea market
    • Goodwill
    • The Chaplains office at the Allegheny County Jail – devotional books
    • Genesis – supporting women in crises pregnancies
    • Repurposed – supporting female trafficking victims
    • Various homeless ministries – linens and household items
    • Soles for Jesus – shoes for third world countries
    • Brothers Brother Foundation – medical supplies
    • Emergency Nurses Assoc. – backpacks to fill for needy children
    • Jubilee Kitchen – mugs and children’s books
    • Native American reservation in Arizona – books
    • Veterinary clinic providing pro-bono surgery to rescue animals
    • Vincentian Nursing Home – bingo prizes
    • H&M Fashion Sustainability Program – reuses fabric


2017 Good News!

  • We made $$26,944.14 for the parish.
  • We supported the St. Vincent De Paul Society by packing up most of our unsold goods and donating them to their organization.
  • We donated books, bibles, assorted inspirational prayer books and devotionals to the Chaplain’s Office at the Allegheny County Jail.
  • Genesis took the remaining baby furniture and supplies to assist women in crises pregnancies.
  • Unsold merchandise went to the Repurposed Store that supports female trafficking victims.
  • Blankets and a variety of household items were donated to several organizations for distribution to the homeless.
  • Towels were sent to a veterinary organization that performs pro-bono surgery on rescued animals so the animals have a soft place to recover.
  • Medical supplies were donated to Brothers Brother Foundation.
  • We supplied bingo gifts for Hampton Fields Village.
  • Blessed Trinity Academy selected items to be used for the children’s Christmas Shop.
  • Miscellaneous items were donated to the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse.

2016 Good News!

  • We made over $26,000 for the parish. We still have money coming in so the total may grow.
  • We supported the St. Stephen’s Flea Market in Hazelwood by packing up most of our unsold goods and donating them to St. Stephen’s Church.
  • We assisted the West Virginia Flood victims by packing up unsold goods and sending them to our West Virginia neighbors.
  • We donated 221 paperback books, 16 bibles along with assorted prayer books and devotionals to the Chaplain’s Office at the Allegheny County Jail.  
  • We took four carloads of unsold merchandise to the Repurpose Store that supports Female Trafficking Victims.
  • We supplied Bingo gifts for a nursing home
  • St. Mary’s school selected items to be used for the Children’s Christmas Shop.