Family Program

 Family Program Schedule

The Family Program Goals and Expectations:

The premise of the Family Program is that we, as parents, provide the foremost example for our children of how to live our faith.

  • Affirms that parents are the primary teachers of their children in the faith. Our parish offers support and resources for this most sacred aspect of life.
  • To have a practical experience in the Family Program session of realizing our Parish Vision to:
    -welcome and unify as one family in Christ Jesus;
    -enable and deepen spirituality of each individual;
    -to nurture and share talents for the enrichment of the parish and community;
    – to strengthen and increase participation through meaningful liturgy.
  • That parent/guardians participate in all NINE adult assemblies while children are in the catechetical sessions.
  • That each adult serve on a committee for at least ONE session to assist in the practical details of arranging and clean up of our parish facilities used.
  • AT HOME each month, parent/guardian guide:
    – that the monthly Growing In Faith Together spiritual growth objectives with code “H” be discussed with children at Home. Others will be done in class.-  that parent/guardian read and discuss the Gospel lessons provided in the Pflaum gospel weeklies. Lesson guides are available at website.( Grade 8 does not get these gospel weeklies. They do journaling.)
    – that one lesson a week be completed in the WHAT THE CHURCH BELIEVES AND TEACHES book.
    – that the assigned pages in Grade 2 & 8 texts be discussed and completed at home and in monthly Growing In Faith Together (GIFT) assemblies.

The success of the Family Program  depends on parent participation.  It is what makes this faith formation program unique.  Learning about our faith and how to better share our faith with our children is what this program is all about!

Internet Sites For Family Program Parents:

Catholic Online – Saints & Angels – The largest collection of Catholic Saints available on the web.  Search for you or your child’s patron saint, and discover all that you ever wanted to know about them.  If you are having a problem or suffering with a particular ailment, you can search for the patron saint responsible for helping you.  There are over 10,000 Saints availble to search, and you may search by name or by what they are responsible for.  It is an easy site to use and has tons of information telling you what it requires to become a Saint, when a person was indoctrinated as a Saint in the church and in what year they were named saints.   The Website also lists the Doctors of the Church and is a helpful guide for other questions anyone may have regarding Saints.

Christian Crafters – A practical site, that although it is not Catholic, is loaded with ideas for use in teaching.  Some are for purchase at what looked like reasonable prices, others are free.  Examples: “New Life” Puppets with a script and directions for how to make them for use in teaching small children about sin and new life without sin.  This appears to be free to download.  Another example:  Be-Attitudes for kids and adults looks like a great resource that is available to purchase.

Sacred Space – This site is run by Irish Jesuits and called “Sacred Space.”  It provides daily resources for prayer as you sit at your computer.  It offers meditation for each day of the week.  It also offers directions for body prayer, breathing, and listening to God.  It tries to create an experience of prayer, not just prayers to say.