Saturday Morning Schedule

Monday Evening Schedule

Faith Formation Goals and Expectations:

1.  To support parents/guardians as “first teachers in the ways of Faith”. Volunteer Catechists and our entire our parish staff offer support and resources.

2.  To be intentionally committed to growing in relationship with Jesus Christ. Meeting Him in His Words of Scripture, preparation to receive His Real Presence in  the Eucharist at Mass, and recognizing ways to serve Him in people of our parish, neighborhoods, and the world community,  is the focus of our discussion and preparation in each catechetical session.

3. That parents/guardians participate in the scheduled assemblies with the children as new Gospel weeklies are introduced.

4.  To experience, in the sessions, practical ways of living our Parish Vision to:
      –  welcome and unify as one family in Christ Jesus;
      –  enable and deepen spirituality of each individual;
      –  to nurture and share talents for the enrichment of the parish and community;
      –  to strengthen and increase participation through meaningful liturgy.

 5. AT HOME each week with a parent/guardian:
       –  discuss Growing In Faith Together handout for the month. Each child and youth will receive a monthly chart with assigned lesson pages with words to know, prayers, and bible stories. The handout is to be returned to the class.