The Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated twice a month, except during the season of Lent, unless it is an emergency situation.  During the season of Easter, baptisms are celebrated more often in conformity with the Easter motif of new life.  There are some Sundays when the sacrament is celebrated at one of the weekend liturgies on Saturday night or Sunday morning, at the choice of the parents.  There are other Sundays when the sacrament is celebrated after the 11:00 am liturgy on Sunday morning.

Those wishing to have their child baptized are asked to make an appointment with one of the priests or deacon of the Parish Family at which time the date and time can be determined.  This appointment will include the Parental Preparation Program with the suggestion that the possibility of it taking place during the pregnancy of the mother so that there is no need to fulfill this requirement after the child is born.  Parents are asked simply to call the rectory during regular office hours to make this appointment at 412-486-4100.

Baby being Baptized