Assumption Cemetery is a peaceful, beautiful, well-kept landscaped cemetery available at St. Mary’s. Families have a choice of a raised headstone or a flat headstone depending on the location chosen for burial. 

Our cemetery manager is happy to answer any questions. Please call Susan Urso at 412-486-4100.

Please view some pictures of our cemetery here

A BEAUTIFUL new Mausoleum is now in the process of being constructed in the Assumption Cemetery. With easy access to the cemetery and a maintenance department that is always available, this locally planned Mausoleum will meet the needs of those who wish an above ground burial.

Prices are in the construction range since ground has been broken. If you want to purchase a crypt or niche before the cost goes completely to full price, please call soon! 

Call now at 412-486-4100 for information on the wide assortment of choices possible for a crypt or niche.  

Please view more pictures of our coming Mausoleum here.

SAINT MARY Mausoleum