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At 5:00 a.m. on Thursday, November 20, 2014, our beloved and revered Father Bill was called home to the Lord. An adventure filled priestly life was quietly silenced with no earthly fanfare whatsoever except for the melodious harmony of the angelic choir that welcomed him back home to heaven!

The 92 years of Father Bill’s priestly ministry is too varied and overwhelming to be aptly remembered in the puny words of this one priest as I write the limited lines of this week’s Pastoral Impressions for the widespread PASTORAL IMPACT of Father Bill’s life has touched so many people, including the many priests whom he helped in so many ways, that my remembering cannot fully capture these 92 years.

Might I simply reflect on the last years of his life which he spent with us here in our Parish Family, living in our rectory and impacting the spirituality of so many of us, Parish Staff and parishioners alike? His ability to capture the “signs of the times” with crystal clear analysis was uncanny. Whether the conversion centered on the ongoing theology of the Catholic Faith, of which his incessant reading of the most profound books and journals of theology gave him a unique insight; or the best way to make barren ground flourish with stunning flowers and perfectly placed shrubs and bushes; Father Bill has always on top of his game.

Father Bill was a joy to have as a rectory live-in because he understood with devoted clarity the life of the parish priest. He was always willing to offer his services to the needs of our parishioners in so many spiritually enriching ways that his leaving us creates not only a whole in our hearts that will always remember his loving presence, but a void in the knowledge that he imparted about our lives in the Lord. Every person that Father Bill encountered was just that AN ENCOUNTER — always willing to listen to what was
happening in that person’s life and offering advice that brought that person to a better place in life. How amazing it would be! To think of the great impact Father Bill had in the final years of his life … and then multiply that for the ninety two years of his whole life … this is the stuff of a life of greatness … and Father Bill Rutledge’s greatness now reaches its zenith in the resurrection life of Christ Jesus Himself.

Schellhass Funeral Home
388 Center Avenue
West View, PA 15229
Saturday, November 22, 2014
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


St. Mary of the Assumption Parish Church
12:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Funeral Mass:
St. Mary of the Assumption Parish
Monday, November, 24, 2014
9:30 am

North Side Catholic Cemetery
204 Cemetery Lane
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Final Blessing in the Chapel

Max & Erma’s Restaurant

Are you hungry? Are you ready for a fun family time out – or in? St. Mary’s School is hosting an easy FUNdraiser with Max & Erma’s Restaurant on Monday, November, 24, 2014. The Max and Erma’s fundraiser flyer (click here) is good for lunch, dinner, or takeout and will give the school 20% of your sale! Please eat Max & Erma’s there or at home, but eat and support our school. Thank you! 



All parishioners, their friends, and members of their families who may be home for the holiday, are cordially welcome to join us Thursday, November 27th, Thanksgiving Day, at 10:00 am as we celebrate one liturgy underscoring the unity of our Parish Family as thankful people of the United States of America. We remind all Scouts, both girl and boy, to come in uniform to this grand celebration.

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If you are looking for a quality Catholic Education, our school is top notch! You will find forms and information here.

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Parish Staff

Mr. Francis Dadowski, Deacon

Ms. Rhodora M. Donahue, Youth Minister Mentor

Mr. James Finn, Pastoral Associate

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Father Mariusz  Mularczyk, Parochial Vicar

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Miss Rose Stegman, Director of Faith Formation